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fab -H [hostname] [command]
from fabric.api import run
HOME = '/Users/ceasarbautista'
def authorize():
import sys
import time
from sh import networksetup
DEVICE = 'en0'
NETWORK = u'AirPennNet'
NETWORK = u'Lovers&Madmen'
Palantir interview question.
The goal is to, given an elevation map of some land, print out a
list of basin sizes in descending order, where a basin is a set of
cells of land that all drain to a common point. One cell drains to
another if among the first cell and its neighbors (i.e. cells adjacent,
horizonatlly, vertically or diagonally) the second cell has the lowest
Ceasar / Lisp.hs
Created Jul 27, 2013
Lisp in Haskell. WIP.
View Lisp.hs
import Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec
import System.Environment
data LispVal = Atom String
-- | List [LispVal]
-- | DottedList [LispVal] LispVal
| Number Integer
| String String
Ceasar / Logic.lhs
Created Jul 26, 2013
Propositional logic.
View Logic.lhs
> import Data.Set as S
> import Data.Map as M
> import Data.Maybe
> import Control.Monad (liftM, liftM2)
> import Test.QuickCheck
A statement is a sentence that is determinately true of determinately false independently of the circumstances in which it is used.
> data Proposition = Implies Proposition Proposition
import timeit
setup = """
def primes(n):
'''Get all primes up to n.'''
if n < 2:
return []
nums = range(n)
sieve = set(xrange(2, n))
Ceasar / Chess.hs
Created Jul 26, 2013
WIP Haskell chess.
View Chess.hs
module Chess where
import Data.Map as M
import Test.HUnit
import Test.QuickCheck
type Pos = (Int, Int)
data Color = White | Black
Ceasar /
Created Jul 26, 2013
Convert xml to json.
'''A module for converting xml into json.'''
import json
from lxml import etree
def xml_to_json(xml_input, json_output):
'''Converts an xml file to json.'''
dict_to_json(etree_to_dict(xml_to_etree(xml_input), True), json_output)
Ceasar /
Created Jul 26, 2013
Scrape tables off a web page.
Covert html tables into csvs.
import sys
import urllib
from lxml import etree
Convert markdown files containing Python code into working Python files.
Usage: python [markdownfile]
Flask is Fun
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