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CrazyPython / index.html
Created December 7, 2012 23:21 — forked from worenga/index.html
A CodePen by Benedikt Wolters.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Conway's Game of Life</h1>
<canvas id="c"></canvas>
CrazyPython /
Created June 29, 2016 23:30 — forked from DavideCanton/
Union find in Python
__author__ = 'davide'
import collections
class Element:
def __init__(self, parent, rank=0, size=1):
self.parent = parent
self.rank = rank
self.size = size
CrazyPython / CLA
Last active May 11, 2017 21:07 — forked from CLAassistant/SAP_CLA
Contributor License Agreement
###Individual Contributor License Agreement
Thank you for your interest in contributing to open source software projects (“Projects”) made available by James Lu and Avery Ozkal or their affiliates. This Individual Contributor License Agreement (“Agreement”) sets out the terms governing any source code, object code, bug fixes, configuration changes, tools, specifications, documentation, data, materials, feedback, information or other works of authorship that you submit or have submitted, in any form and in any manner, to James Lu and Avery Ozkal in respect of any of the Projects (collectively “Contributions”). If you have any questions respecting this Agreement, please contact
You agree that the following terms apply to all of your past, present and future Contributions. Except for the licenses granted in this Agreement, you retain all of your right, title and interest in and to your Contributions.
**Copyright License.** You hereby grant, and agree to grant, to James Lu and Avery Ozkal