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Curtis Belt curtisbelt

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curtisbelt / AppFlex.js
Last active Sep 7, 2019
Sample Vue Components
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The full project features a page builder on the backend, with various "Flexible Components"
the user can select from to build their page. Each of these corresponds to a Vue compoennt
on the frontend.
There are two ways to use the component:
- Manually use a specific Flex component
- Automatically load all Flex components (when used on page that supports it)
curtisbelt / headlessWordPress.conf
Last active Jun 19, 2018
Node.js/PHP NGINX Config for Headless WordPress
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server {
server_name climb.localhost *.climb.localhost;
root /home/curtis/Wordpress;
listen 80;
listen [::]:80;
# Catch all php files first
curtisbelt /
Last active Feb 23, 2018
Bulk Compress JPG/PNG
# Setup variable extra_args with -newer argument if our tracking file exists
# Find all files with extension jpg/jpeg/png, case insensitive
# For jpg/jpeg, execute jpegoptim
# For png, execute pngquant
# Log output to compress-all-images.log
curtisbelt /
Created Apr 17, 2017
Ubuntu 16.04 Fix Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 Wireless RTL8723AU
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Fix Wireless Driver on Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13
# Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8723AU 802.11n WLAN Adapter
# SUCCESSFUL on Ubuntu 16.04.
# FAILED on Ubuntu 16.10, and 17.04.
# On 16.04, Wireless is (usually) able to connect, albeit at <1 Mbps.
# Enough to install git and clone the driver repo.
# If not, will have to use a good ol' USB drive.
curtisbelt / Default (Windows).sublime-keymap
Last active Nov 29, 2016
Default (Windows).sublime-keymap
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{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+p"], "command": "prompt_select_workspace" },
// Auto-space within parentheses
{ "keys": [" "], "command": "insert_snippet", "args": {"contents": " $0 "}, "context":
{ "key": "selection_empty", "operator": "equal", "operand": true, "match_all": true },
{ "key": "preceding_text", "operator": "regex_contains", "operand": "\\($", "match_all": true },
{ "key": "following_text", "operator": "regex_contains", "operand": "^\\)", "match_all": true }
curtisbelt / responsive-font.scss
Last active Dec 4, 2016
Responsive Font Mixin
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$viewport-desktop-size: 1366;
$viewport-mobile-size: 320;
// Given a range of font sizes ( $mobile-font-size and $desktop-font-size ), apply break points evenly from mobile to desktop widths
@mixin responsive-font( $mobile-font-size, $desktop-font-size, $line-height-buffer: 2 ) {
$number-of-breakpoints-required: $desktop-font-size - $mobile-font-size;
$maximum-viewport-range: $viewport-desktop-width - $viewport-mobile-width;
$breakpoint-multiplier: $maximum-viewport-range / $number-of-breakpoints-required;
font-size: #{$mobile-font-size}px;
line-height: #{$mobile-font-size + $line-height-buffer}px;
curtisbelt / httpd-vhosts.conf
Created Nov 13, 2016
httpd-vhosts.conf for Re-usable Wordpress Installation
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<VirtualHost *:80>
UseCanonicalName off
ServerAlias *.host
DocumentRoot E:/wamp64/www/wordpress
<Directory "E:/wamp64/www/wordpress/">
Options +Indexes +Includes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews
AllowOverride All
Require local
curtisbelt / wp-config.php
Last active Dec 8, 2017
wp-config for Re-usable Wordpress Installation
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/******************************************** // <-- Add a dash to turn on debugging
// define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
// define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
// define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true );
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
// define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true );
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