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Cyberek / README.txt
Last active September 9, 2021 00:17
Starting Kodi automatically on Raspbian Jessie and Stretch
So you were able to install Kodi via "sudo apt-get install kodi" but have no idea how to force it to autostart on boot?
You have tried all those googled solutions such as adding kodi-standalone to .bashrc, creating init.d script but nothing worked?
This is the right place to get the answer.
For some reason, the current version of Kodi doesnt provide 2 important files:
* Repeatable Custom Fields in a Metabox
* Author: Helen Hou-Sandi
* From a bespoke system, so currently not modular - will fix soon
* Note that this particular metadata is saved as one multidimensional array (serialized)
function hhs_get_sample_options() {
add_action('admin_init', 'add_meta_boxes', 1);
function add_meta_boxes() {
add_meta_box( 'repeatable-fields', 'Audio Playlist', 'repeatable_meta_box_display', 'post', 'normal', 'high');
function repeatable_meta_box_display() {
global $post;