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DNXie / gist:0d5e5d0d922f27ca208477f34fb39b5b
Created September 25, 2022 19:47
Full log running `python install`
Building wheel torch-1.13.0a0+git19bac0d
-- Building version 1.13.0a0+git19bac0d
cmake -GNinja -DBUILD_PYTHON=True -DBUILD_TEST=True -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/code/pytorch/torch -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/root/miniconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages -DNUMPY_INCLUDE_DIR=/root/miniconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/numpy/core/include -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/root/miniconda3/bin/python -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR=/root/miniconda3/include/python3.7m -DPYTHON_LIBRARY=/root/miniconda3/lib/ -DTORCH_BUILD_VERSION=1.13.0a0+git19bac0d -DUSE_NUMPY=True /home/code/pytorch
-- The CXX compiler identification is Clang 6.0.0
-- The C compiler identification is GNU 7.5.0
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++ - skipped
-- Detecting CXX compile features