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TechiMomi DagnyTagg2013

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DagnyTagg2013 / buildNTreeFromParentChildPairs
Created Nov 6, 2017
Build N-Tree from List (Parent,Child)
View buildNTreeFromParentChildPairs
# Build an N-Tree from 2D array of Parent-Child pairs
import logging
from collections import deque
/ | \
4 5 6
View getPhoneNumWords
4-digit number: 2284
- assume have dictionary isWord(String word)
- assume have phonenum pad digit to set of letters
- print all possible words of ANY length up to 4-digits
View wordPermutations
Given String "ABC", print all 3-letter permutations of this
# SOLUTION: - FULL decision tree
# - each level is character place,
# each branch a choice of one char
# - REMAINING unchosen characters
DagnyTagg2013 / buildFriendshipsAdjacencyList
Created Nov 6, 2017
build Friendships Adjacency List
View buildFriendshipsAdjacencyList
# You have data for social network on who is friends with whom.
# You need to write a function that returns this data in the form of an adjacency list representation, i.e. a mapping of each employee ID to a list of his/her friends on the site
# #
# You have two input data sets to work with. The first data set is the employees at your company, and the second is all the pairs of employees who are virtually friends so far. It does not matter which employee's ID is in which column, the friendships are bidirectional.
# employees_input = [
# "1,Richard,Engineering",
# "2,Erlich,HR",
# "3,Monica,Business",
View detectValidExpressionBracketsMatch
BAM: dynamic STACK - append opens, then match-pop on closes
DICT to match CLOSE to OPEN (as BACK-MATCH),
DagnyTagg2013 / bfsGraph
Created Nov 6, 2017
BFS from HackerRank
View bfsGraph
# ATTN: import Q for BFS traversal
from collections import deque
# ATTN: import simplest DICT for Graph Adjacency list
from collections import defaultdict
# ATTN: import simplest COUNTER dictionary for Distance accum for EQUAL-weighted OCCURRENCE counts but LESS GENERAL-FLEXIBLE than adding VARIABLE edge weight using DefaultDict!
from collections import Counter
from sys import maxsize
View QueueFromStacksAndBack
PROBLEM - Stack from two Queues
STACK - LIFO, I/O from the SAME, ONE side
- tracks TOP
- push/pop on TOP
QUEUE - FIFO, Input at END, Output from FRONT; from DIFFERENT, TWO sides
View Nth Node back from END of List
# Given: 1=>2=>3=>4=>5
# Write function that takes head of list, n=2, and returns node 4 where n is distance from end
# TRICK: Need to traverse TWICE always in FORWARD direction
# 1) count index from 0 to LENGTH to find the END so we can calculate
# complement FORWARD distance!
# 2) traverse counting from 0 to (LENGTH - n) to return reference to node!
# CAREFUL: => Need to handle out-of-bounds on BOTH LOWER, and HIGHER end List
# and since this deals with (LENGTH - n), this translates to
View MRU Cache
PROBLEM: Implement MRU Cache
- FIXED-size cache
initialized with a size, never to exceed that size
- put(key, val), O(1)
- get(key) -> val (or None), O(1)
View Maze-AllValidPaths
# PROBLEM: Count and Construct All Distinct Valid Paths Through a Maze
# - mutable heap-allocated structure to accumulate results to
# - cross-recursion-level visibility
# - use TUPLE to group MUTABLE ELEMENTs for state accumulation
# - globalValidPathCounter as first item of mutable LIST
# - used as INDEX into globalValidPaths Dict
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