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Loading a bunch of external templates through mootools
(function() {
// sequential loading of handlebars / other templates from static sources into script els
// Exports: Asset.templates. Use as a constructor with 'new'
Asset = Asset || {};
Asset.templates = function(sources, options) {
if (!(this instanceof arguments.callee))
return new Asset.templates(sources, options);
// load an array of templates and fire an onComplete
options = Object.merge({
path: "",
type: "text/x-handlebars",
property: "data-template-name",
onComplete: Function.from,
onProgress: Function.from
}, options);
var counter = 0, todo = sources.length, self = this, obj = {};
var loadNext = function() {
if (sources[0])
var source = sources[0];
new Request.HTML({
url: [options.path, source.file].join(""),
onComplete: function() {
var obj = {
"type": options.type,
html: this.response.text
obj[] =;
new Element("script", obj).inject(document.head);
counter++;, source, counter);
if (counter == todo), counter);
// example use - load and make 2 templates available to handlebars or backbone.js or whatever
new Asset.templates([{
name: "user-edit",
file: "user-edit.html"
name: "user-view",
file: "user-view.html"
}], {
path: "static/templates/",
onProgress: function(template, count) {
console.log(template.file + " loaded...");
onComplete: function() {

afoeder commented Feb 16, 2012

so, during runtime, am I right it would/could be

<script type="text/javascript" data-template-name="user-edit">
<span>This would be any html, propably with {specialSyntax} etc?</span>

DimitarChristoff commented Feb 16, 2012

this is what will/could be get injected into the dom, yes.


DimitarChristoff commented Feb 24, 2012

updated now, due to IE affecting HTML as it injects it into the DOM and reads it back, sometimes causing parser errors in _.js _.template(), I have moved the templates behind a private closure with a getter and a setter. Faster access this way anyway.

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