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Gurdeep0602 / AppStoryboard.swift
Last active Jun 27, 2019
AppStoryboard enumeration
View AppStoryboard.swift
// AppStoryboards.swift
// AppStoryboards
// Created by Gurdeep on 15/12/16.
// Copyright © 2016 Gurdeep. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import UIKit
russbishop / TypeErasure.swift
Last active Aug 2, 2018
Type erasure with multiple adopting types
View TypeErasure.swift
// Paste me into a playground!
import Cocoa
//: # Basic Setup
protocol FancyProtocol {
associatedtype Thing
func holdPinkyUp(x: Thing)
View valueForKeyTest.swift
//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import Cocoa
// When you’re downloading objects from the web, it’s common to need to merge changes
// from the server to already-existing local objects. (If your data model allows for
// mutable objects, as with Core Data, that is.)
// The below is a Swift translation of how I’ve done this in Objective-C.
// Note that it works just fine in Swift — though it does require NSObject subclasses.
preble / NSTextStorageSubclass.swift
Created Feb 9, 2016
Base subclass of NSTextStorage in Swift
View NSTextStorageSubclass.swift
import Cocoa
class SomeTextStorage: NSTextStorage {
private var storage: NSMutableAttributedString
override init() {
storage = NSMutableAttributedString(string: "", attributes: nil)
preble / Completion.swift
Created Jan 20, 2016
A cancellable completion for Swift.
View Completion.swift
final class Completion<R> {
private let closure: (R) -> Void
private var cancelled = false
/// `closure` is called upon completion, if not cancelled.
init(closure: (R) -> Void) {
self.closure = closure
rnapier / helper.swift
Last active Feb 3, 2018
Helper functions
View helper.swift
import Foundation
/// This is going to be one of those things that for many of you is so obvious that it doesn't
/// require saying. But maybe a few of you have never really done this before either. I've been
/// thinking about nested helper functions.
/// I've used little nested helper functions lots of times. I do this when I want a function, but
/// nothing outside of this scope would ever need it.
func doSomething() {
func inc(x: Int) -> Int { return x + 1 }
View nstextview+caret.m
# pragma mark Custom caret
- (void)drawInsertionPointInRect:(NSRect)aRect color:(NSColor *)aColor turnedOn:(BOOL)flag {
aRect.size.width = self.caretWidth;
[super drawInsertionPointInRect:aRect color:aColor turnedOn:flag];
// This is a hack to get the caret drawing to work. I know, I know.
- (void)setNeedsDisplayInRect:(NSRect)invalidRect {
invalidRect.size.width += self.caretWidth - 1;
robb / Example.m
Last active Sep 25, 2018
A macro to convert nullable references to nonnull references while triggering an assert if the expression is actually true. Think of this as unsafe unwrap for Objective-C.
View Example.m
void Log(NSString *foo) {
NSLog(@"%@", foo);
int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
@autoreleasepool {
NSDictionary *stuff = @{
@"a": @"Test"
natecook1000 / NSScanner+Swift.swift
Created Mar 3, 2015
Swift-friendly NSScanner methods
View NSScanner+Swift.swift
// NSScanner+Swift.swift
// A set of Swift-idiomatic methods for NSScanner
// (c) 2015 Nate Cook, licensed under the MIT license
import Foundation
extension NSScanner {
// MARK: Strings
kristopherjohnson / DataStore.swift
Created Sep 28, 2014
Swift: Core Data persistence stack
View DataStore.swift
import Foundation
import CoreData
// "Class variables" used in DataStore.sharedDataStore()
private var _instance: DataStore?
private var DataStoreClassLock = NSRecursiveLock()
private let appStoreFilename = "DataStore.sqlite"
private let testStoreFilename = "test_DataStore.sqlite"
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