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type 'a unresolved = Unresolved | Resolved of 'a | Absent
type 'a or_subexpr = Sub of expression | Literal of 'a | Absent
and flag = { name : string; mutable payload : string or_subexpr unresolved }
and arg = Positional of string or_subexpr | Flag of flag
and expression = { count : int; cmd : string or_subexpr; mutable args : arg array }
Created May 26, 2009
Instructions for building an EC2 AMI for Arch Linux
# This 'script' is a set of instructions for preparing and bundling an Arch
# Linux AMI for Amazon's EC2. Bits are to be run on three different
# computers, and there is interaction required, so please follow along and
# run commands individually.
# PROTIP: THESE DON'T ACTUALLY WORK. That's why I'm pasting them here,
# attemping to get some input on what I'm doing wrong. When the instructions
# are ready for prime-time, I'll clean them up and post them to my blog. If
# you're really interested, watch for it there:
View FM2. adding some.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Name>FM2. adding some</Name>
View gist:6eefb69e4236ac5a7833634b28095fdf
$ sh scripts/
TokenObject {
pos: -1,
end: -1,
flags: 8,
modifierFlagsCache: 0,
transformFlags: 0,
parent: undefined,
kind: 144
View overloading_generics_and_runtime_types.ts
class Checkpoint<Semantic> {
type: 'Script' | 'Statement'
constructor(blah: any, type: 'Script'): Checkpoint<Script>
constructor(blah: any, type: 'Statement'): Checkpoint<Statement>
constructor(blah: any, type: 'Script' | 'Statement') {
// ...
this.type = type
View alternate-screen.ts
// Setting up the terminal, swtiching to the alternate screenbuffer;
// Horrible hack to freeze the Node.js event-loop long enough for a user to see output;
function sleep(seconds: number) {
let msecs = seconds * 1000
Atomics.wait(new Int32Array(new SharedArrayBuffer(4)), 0, 0, msecs)
// Ensuring a clean exit, and a return to the users' expected terminal-state
View gist:8a47990f456274ab05a1ba2ab7752b49
node_modules/@types/babel__core/index.d.ts:13:20 - error TS2307: Cannot find module '@babel/types'.
13 import * as t from "@babel/types";
node_modules/@types/babel__core/index.d.ts:14:31 - error TS2307: Cannot find module '@babel/parser'.
14 import { ParserOptions } from "@babel/parser";
'use strict';
var AST = require("./");
var List = require("bs-platform/lib/js/list.js");
var $$Array = require("bs-platform/lib/js/array.js");
var Block = require("bs-platform/lib/js/block.js");
var Curry = require("bs-platform/lib/js/curry.js");
var $$String = require("bs-platform/lib/js/string.js");
var MenhirLib = require("./");
var Pervasives = require("bs-platform/lib/js/pervasives.js");
'use strict';
var AST = require("./");
var List = require("bs-platform/lib/js/list.js");
var $$Array = require("bs-platform/lib/js/array.js");
var Curry = require("bs-platform/lib/js/curry.js");
var Pervasives = require("bs-platform/lib/js/pervasives.js");
function hydrate(st) {
return st;
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Last active Apr 10, 2019 — forked from rosston/.gitignore
BASH Script to keep Route53 updated with your current external IP address
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