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EmilStenstrom /
Last active Aug 31, 2018
Code found in a library I was considering using... NEVER write code like this :)
class Object:
attributes = ["myattr",
code = "def __init__(self"
for att in attributes:
code = code + ", " + att + " = None"
code = code + "):\n"
EmilStenstrom /
Created Mar 16, 2015
Script to scrape data from Socialstyrelsens database over death statistics. You need to specify which codes to fetch via that codes parameter in main().
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from lxml.html import fromstring
import os
import csv
import requests
def _get_payload_for_code(code):
parameters = {
"i_%s_3" % code: "on",
"visaAG": "on",
EmilStenstrom /
Created Feb 16, 2014
Competing in the hash|challenge to find the lowest SHA512 hash:
import hashlib
from random import random
from multiprocessing import Process, Array
from ctypes import c_char
def new_candidate(prev_hash, seed):
return prev_hash[:32] + seed
EmilStenstrom /
Created Jun 25, 2013
Management command to delete users that no longer have a reference to them (Except UserProfile and SocialData in our case).
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from import BaseCommand
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from emailuser.models import UserProfile
from socialdata.models import SocialData
class Command(BaseCommand):
def _has_relations(self, related_objects, user, whitelist=(User, UserProfile, SocialData)):
for related in related_objects:
model = related.model
EmilStenstrom /
Last active Aug 31, 2018
Convert a list of strings to a list of integers suitable for numerical processing. Easily convert back to the strings when done.
class KeyToNumMapper(object):
counter = 0
mapper_key_int = {}
mapper_int_key = {}
def __init__(self, initial):
map(self.add_key, initial)
def add_key(self, key):
if key in self.mapper_key_int:
EmilStenstrom /
Last active Dec 12, 2015
Automatically watch Sass and CoffeeScript files when runserver command is run... Put this in /<your app>/management/commands/
import atexit
import subprocess
from import BaseRunserverCommand
from django.core.servers.basehttp import AdminMediaHandler
from django.conf import settings
# Patch runserver to run the sass and coffeesscript compilers automatically
class Command(BaseRunserverCommand):
active_processes = []
EmilStenstrom /
Created Feb 12, 2013
Make values in raw_id_fields clickable...
# Example usage...
from admin_util import ImprovedModelForm
class DialogAdmin(ImprovedModelForm):
raw_id_fields = ("forum", "user", ...) # "forum" and "user" are ForeignKeys
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