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Last active August 29, 2015 14:09
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Full 0.5.4 Change log
  • 45dda92 Version bump to 0.5.4 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 7317259 Fixing logic for editors deleting themselves - Hannah Wolfe
  • 50f8b29 Fix issue with editor and images - Hannah Wolfe
  • 9d2a907 Upgrading Casper to 1.1.2 - Hannah Wolfe
  • c0155c2 Revert "Update PSM Date and Time to be Selectable Instead of Text" - Hannah Wolfe
  • 2e8e2ce Improve validation for - Victor Szeto
  • e499e5d Fix invalid image helper URLs when using a subdir. - Jason Williams
  • dff9751 Update PSM Date to be Selectable - David Balderston
  • cb544d7 Clean up whitespace from #4349. - Jason Williams
  • 41bea61 Add self to list of filtered users for editors - Matt Enlow
  • a9ce31f Fix high latency autosave bug in - Matt Enlow
  • 15fe121 Fix gravatar request url. - Jason Williams
  • d3f70e3 Update showdown to showdown-ghost 0.3.4 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 215cc52 Fix post tags input. - Jason Williams
  • 1a99abe Enable .fade-out animations in Safari - Felix Rieseberg
  • 7932e4b Update contribution guidelines - Hannah Wolfe
  • a9cb2ef Adds 'save' shortcut to settings screens closes #4414 - Nazar Gargol
  • f8282ad Refactor component styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • 8997cd0 Do not eagerly fetch relations in when finding all posts - Mattias Cibien
  • af1d220 Work with case-sensitive email addresses - Felix Rieseberg
  • 1b8fa01 Update dependencies - Jason Williams
  • d9643ed full BREAD Tag endpoints and Tag api tests - surgesoft
  • 9ca6a81 Drop socket reference on close. - Jason Williams
  • 778e050 Remove .eot & .ttf fonts - Paul Adam Davis
  • 3b3d5f8 Reset slugValue when the user changes - Felix Rieseberg
  • d6863ae Change Numeric Keyboard to Keypad - David Balderston
  • 322fb93 Use pure javascript library for postgresql. - Jason Williams
  • 6c579f6 Remove image related text from meta description. - Jason Williams
  • edef053 Adds SIGTERM handling - Harry Mills
  • 71c6b33 Remove hash after the url when clicking Meta Data - Jilles Soeters
  • d42703d Correct logError to log err which has undefined message - meowtec
  • 46d084b Update to Ember 1.8.1. - Robert Jackson
  • eef6fcc Cleanup User List styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • 383d43c Add pg as an optional dependency. - Jason Williams
  • 69d4852 Create Tags Management Stubs for Ember - cobbspur
  • df69b6e Use nested output style for Sass - Paul Adam Davis
  • 660c906 Faster dropdown animation for publish button - Paul Adam Davis
  • b5af691 Save meta title and meta desc on post save - Matt Enlow
  • 4930e9f Update Sass Grunt task output style - Paul Adam Davis
  • 8bcfd16 Editor must be focused before allowing certain keyboard shortcuts. - David Robson
  • 51b2354 Update dependencies. - Jason Williams
  • 817b8d2 Improve handling of forked processes in tests. - Jason Williams
  • 8249d88 Timeout after two seconds on gravatar lookup. - Jason Williams
  • 2cfab35 Handle null/undefined value in test assertion. - Jason Williams
  • be97648 Better comments - Paul Adam Davis
  • d314727 Var cleanup - Paul Adam Davis
  • 4ae8179 File structure cleanup - Paul Adam Davis
  • de63f56 Update Ember to 1.8.0. - Jason Williams
  • a2d37ce Redirect unauthorized users to signin from debug - Matt Enlow
  • 00e5f9a Added screenshot to readme - John O'Nolan
  • 36abb56 Peg node-sass dependency to 1.0.3. - Jason Williams
  • 344f308 Consolidate SimpleAuth.AuthenticatedRouteMixin into AuthenticatedRoute - Matt Enlow
  • 198017d Workaround for outlook, who doesn't like quoted-printable encoding - Yury Michurin
  • 4a56d10 Created image helper with absolute url option - cobbspur
  • 5de5cfe Remove duplicate posts and tags on import - Jacob Gable
  • 17d662b Use gh-path for nav bar dfallback avatar - Paul Adam Davis
  • d8f858e Go between post list / post content with keyboard - Matt Enlow
  • d810fe1 Fix argument handling in gh-path helper. - Jason Williams
  • 074c12a Swap 2 box shadows for 1 radial gradient - Paul Adam Davis
  • e9c22ea Include post title in 'delete post' modal - Felix Rieseberg
  • c7ad09a Enable :author as permalink option - Felix Rieseberg
  • e046f4a Fix up title/slug handling on posts. - Jason Williams
  • 0f17378 Enable JSCS checking on client. - Jason Williams
  • 5aac6d6 Escapes strings - cobbspur
  • 9aa1333 Fix up PR #3491, remove lodash from admin - Jason Williams
  • a3456b7 Remove lodash from admin client. - Robert Jackson
  • d999ce5 Custom permalink UI - Paul Adam Davis
  • a6a02f3 Fix no show of default Twitter card - Leonard Camacho
  • 9a62a38 Change slug and date placeholders to values - Jason Williams
  • 5de2cb4 Auto-save post at 60 second intervals - Jason Williams
  • b28206c Output spaces instead of tabs in buildAbout task - Jason Williams
  • 73b20aa Update dependencies - Jason Williams
  • 5199a00 frontend functional tests -> frontend route tests - Hannah Wolfe
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