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Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
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Full 0.5.6 Change log
  • a761de2 Version bump to 0.5.6 - Hannah Wolfe
  • b705d5c Fix settings header to allow dropdown menus to work - John O'Nolan
  • d518df7 Upgrading Casper to 1.1.3 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 591d653 Strip footnotes from excerpts - Hannah Wolfe
  • de20f3a Match labels with element ids. - Jason Williams
  • f2b90bf Revert "Allow notifications to sit over the nav bar" - Paul Davis
  • 9783f16 Adds markdown highlight support - Hannah Wolfe
  • 904918d Code Injection - adds perms, shortcuts, icon, flag - Hannah Wolfe
  • 818085f Add XSL for Sitemaps - Hannah Wolfe
  • 60effc1 adds code injection admin frontend implementation, handlebar helpers + settings - Stefan Baumgartner
  • 5f07f55 Fix image helper for subdirectories - cobbspur
  • 9b146e5 Add limit=all consistently to users, posts & tags - Hannah Wolfe
  • 2a4b071 Tag Settings Menu Autosave - Nazar Gargol
  • 3a1648e Remove console.log - Jason Williams
  • 4cb9095 API - no more m-2-m relation ids by default - Hannah Wolfe
  • 69662bd gh-trim-focus-input autofocus fix for iOS Safari - Felix Rieseberg
  • b6dff38 Change anchors without hrefs to buttons. - Jason Williams
  • edfa74f Move ugly debug to Settings Labs - cobbspur
  • 2199175 Cleanup layout Sass - Paul Adam Davis
  • 9ddabff URL safe base64 encoding - Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 0d54fc8 Introduce sitemap XSL template - John O'Nolan
  • a2e550f Allow notifications to sit over the nav bar - Paul Adam Davis
  • fe7e431 Update getting started link - Jacob Gable
  • df4e034 Do not display "auth failed" modal on clean posts. - Jason Williams
  • 0a7d161 Prevent silent failures and recover after error. - Jason Williams
  • 2cfa184 Generate sitemap files - Jacob Gable
  • 2ef0861 Use non-deprecated moment.substract() - Felix Rieseberg
  • df5a598 Cleans up HTML data attributes on body in default.hbs - Nazar Gargol
  • 90d12fd Miscellaneous client cleanup - Jason Williams
  • 1d562c8 Add Ghost version to config object. - Jason Williams
  • 9c66f23 Add Labs, Nav & Grab icons - Paul Adam Davis
  • 08afada Swap nav item & logo style order - Paul Adam Davis
  • 7c4381c Dynamic Titles in Ghost Admin - Felix Rieseberg
  • ef71d93 Add initial client unit test. - Robert Jackson
  • 904727a Fix gravatarLookup method - sanddudu
  • 31ae0c6 Change RSS content type & use absolute URL in meta - Hannah Wolfe
  • ce9d590 Ensure Post Image Uploader Reset - Felix Rieseberg
  • 7b1cfce Larger edit tag hit area - Paul Adam Davis
  • cb726d5 Adding comprehensive subdirectory route tests - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8373d1d Close tag settings menu on transition - Paul Adam Davis
  • bd0f5e0 Tags management api hookup - Matt Enlow
  • 915fa17 Fix up single post routes. - Jason Williams
  • b31fec6 Fix updateConfigTheme method. - Jason Williams
  • 11a0f01 Make tokens URL safe - Hugo Jobling
  • 7656b03 Loads correct screen after author refreshes page in editor - Nazar Gargol
  • 5016db8 Posts view: some DRY. - Harry V. Kiselev
  • 15dd8bd Update Tags Management Markup - Paul Adam Davis
  • 3df6ab4 Improvements to the permalinks UI - Paul Adam Davis
  • 31eea94 Add footnotes extension to showdown - Jaiden Mispy
  • 77e1b4c Update Patterns Sass Formatting - Paul Adam Davis
  • 6cbcfac Removes objectTypeModelMap to reduce circular dependency. - Harry Wolff
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