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Last active August 29, 2015 14:11
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Full 0.5.7 Change log
  • 1c452a6 Version bump to 0.5.7 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 2ee731a Remove files for a modal that is no longer used. - Jason Williams
  • ff321e0 Do not include url and author_id in post payload. - Jason Williams
  • 1541b92 Fixup behavior and styling of editor re-auth. - Jason Williams
  • 1961b07 allow re-login when authorization fails on editor.edit route - Marco Otte-Witte
  • a233a14 Fixed editor tag field handling of comma key on international keyboards - Katie Fenn
  • 53d12a9 Add view post link on published and updated posts - cobbspur
  • c7e03bb Test update to handle downsize improvements - Hannah Wolfe
  • 4ca87f6 Fixes sitemap image errors - cobbspur
  • 9a0dc0b Adds complete url for Sitemap in robots.txt - cobbspur
  • 0f37f3d Autosave for whitespace-only titles - Ihab Khattab
  • 458f399 Modal spacing & warning colour - Paul Adam Davis
  • 40c7849 Password change MU - Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 28eb917 Labs page bug fixes - Hannah Wolfe
  • 028a64e Tag Cover Images - Felix Rieseberg
  • 6ff51ad Add support for zip import - Hannah Wolfe
  • ce39599 Add Tag Meta View - Paul Adam Davis
  • cd5d87d Return computed url with post object - cobbspur
  • 297c33b Fix active menu state on settings navigation - Vikhyat Korrapati
  • cb03724 Swap button-order on modal dialogs - Richard King
  • 83f1543 Change user deletion warning to be more explicit. - Jason Williams
  • aff0622 Added Highlight to Markdown Help - David Balderston
  • ef16c67 Sort newest to oldest in sitemap files - Jacob Gable
  • 8906f79 Update technical details version numvers - Paul Davis
  • 2ef77d6 Sitemaps correctly filter draft posts - Hannah Wolfe
  • a04157d Dry up tag saving behavior - Matt Enlow
  • 7e16ef3 Adds ctrl/cmd+s shortcut to whole application with a noop default - Nazar Gargol
  • d479b0c Fix reset token verification - Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 4e6c867 Change sitemap root location - Paul Adam Davis
  • 6f595c9 Update syntax in ember templates. - Jason Williams
  • 837446c Move testem.json into client tests directory. - Jason Williams
  • 3b87aa2 About Page Tests - Paul Adam Davis
  • 6a2e699 Update authentication initializer. - Jason Williams
  • bfe91b5 Update downsize node module. Small test updates. - zethraeus
  • 4f3a455 Scroll post-item-view into view - Matt Enlow
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