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Created May 21, 2015 18:11
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Full 0.6.4 Changelog
  • 53b758d Version bump to 0.6.4 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 085407c Upgrading Casper to 1.2.4 - Hannah Wolfe
  • cbbf1e4 Improve config-parser JSON handling - Hannah Wolfe
  • ab7d7cc Bumped up node-sqlite3 version number to fix broken build on non x86 devices such as the RPi - John Nguyen
  • 3fca65a Fixed the invite user email to include the email address of the user who invited you - Tushar Bhushan
  • e088859 Use absolute frontend URL in admin - Hannah Wolfe
  • f3174de Cache control for private blogs - Hannah Wolfe
  • 46ebbd8 Fix meta description for static pages - Emerson Keenan
  • e5cc169 Removing really old admin comments - Hannah Wolfe
  • 023755c Cache invalidate for previews - Hannah Wolfe
  • f26179a replace colors with chalk everywhere - Joe Wegner
  • 050b03d Cache control middleware refactor - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8e8f412 Improve grunt clean & add grunt test-ember - Hannah Wolfe
  • 4de1c29 Password protect redirect optimisation - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0011edd Contrib guide refs slack instead of forum/irc - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8298d2f Update help link to point to slack - cobbspur
  • 4a7a1c6 Removing test assets from release zip - Hannah Wolfe
  • 261a862 Prevent multiple owner creation via importer - cobbspur
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