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Created January 30, 2014 13:59
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Full 0.4.1 Changelog
  • d28bf3d Improve password reset token Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 47c5e5a Post settings published_at date improvements & fixes Hannah Wolfe
  • cf80518 Hide extra space taken up by update notification John O'Nolan
  • 6cf586a Fix error page resources loading when forceAdminSSL is true Lev Gimelfarb
  • 1df6ac3 Detect SSL connection whether or not behind a proxy Lev Gimelfarb
  • fa98a1e Move styling from some elements from IDs to classes Paul Adam Davis
  • d45d036 Refactor click handlers on upload button. Mikkel Hoegh
  • b9e4264 Add body class if update is available Hannah Wolfe
  • 485ab37 Post settings don't render on change Hannah Wolfe
  • f3e67f9 Guard against multiple signup events Gabor Javorszky
  • 7049d0f Improvement for published posts with no published_at Hannah Wolfe
  • 1d1caad bug caused by unidecode's bug Xie JinBin
  • 0ea22ab Have NProgress called for all ajax calls Harry Wolff
  • b2e5ef4 Catch errors when rendering the error template Hannah Wolfe
  • 6ec7c42 Start up safely when the activeTheme is not present Hannah Wolfe
  • 1ee70e3 Use absolute path when storing images Jakob Gillich
  • 3961b71 Upgrade express-hbs, and switch to using registerPartial Hannah Wolfe
  • 20f4af2 Adding guard to meta_title Hannah Wolfe
  • 2d75497 Fix for session handling Sebastian Gierlinger
  • d7c3dbb Show message and don't start if javascript files have not been built Jason Williams
  • 03cbc89 Fix posts.html and posts.markdown field type Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 6098b83 Adding case-insensitive User.getByEmail method Hannah Wolfe
  • 03fec07 Prevent stacking of password mismatch notification on /reset/ Kate von Roeder
  • 4dbf57f Enable Escape key to close tag suggestion popup Kate von Roeder
  • fd4f305 Fix display update notification Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 6437f34 Including theme partials in a way that supports symbolically linked directories Joel Rosenberg
  • fa7bd62 Fixed issue with adding multiple new tags to a post Zach Schneider
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joeylin commented Feb 4, 2014

Great! thanks very much .

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