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Last active May 13, 2021
Printable Cheat Sheets for Software

A collection of links to useful cheat sheets.

Only what's properly printable can get a spot at the top of this list. It should also be small enough to fit on a few pages. almost all links in this document were designed by their creators so that YOU can print them in a good-looking format and store them however is best for you. Anything that isn't really something you could print in A4/US Letter format, but is still a well-made cheatsheet can get a spot at the end of the page.

Pleae contribute any you remember you've seen and liked. It would be wonderful if we can get these to be something more commonly made.

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FlorianHeigl / testing layers
Last active Jun 29, 2017
Testing reqs in Ops envs on top of "normal" tests
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||| Test return to stable state
||| External Fault injection tests
||| System health
Below: \ /
"insufficient tests for OS code
FlorianHeigl /
Last active Jul 9, 2017
Performance of zypper tested (deltaRPM, prefetching)

The test

Install a mixed update for Leap42.1 consisted of 106 packages including kernel update and a very slow samba update script
Try prefetching the updates (i.e. an hour before the downtime)
Try disabling deltaRPM

Caches NOT dropped, all packages likely to stay in cache on today's servers.

VM size:

FlorianHeigl /
Created Aug 13, 2017 — forked from spuder/
logstash-grok-ssh ignore root user

I have ssh connections from multiple users. I want to log all connectsion except those from the user 'git'. How dow you create an exception to a filter ?

input {

  file {
     path => "/var/log/auth.log"
     type => "syslog"
FlorianHeigl / bacula-fd.conf
Created Sep 11, 2017
bacula config mixing letsencrypt and cacert
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## server: cacert
## client: letsencrypt
TLS Enable = yes
TLS Require = yes
TLS CA Certificate File = /etc/
TLS Certificate = /etc/
TLS Key = /etc/
TLS CA Certificate Dir = /etc/ssl/certs
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Last active Feb 4, 2020
Common architecture issues make patching "HARD"

Common architecture issues make patching "HARD"

An attempt to explain where exactly we can improve things.
From someone with hope, but without even the smallest grain of illusion.

I could just say "well, it was US who carried VMS to it's grave!"
It wouldn't help much. We're definitely looking at long-solved problems that aren't solved any longer due to design limitations in our OS and application integrations. The question is how to get around it.

FlorianHeigl /
Last active Nov 26, 2017
human reliability and friends

Presentation Title

50 years of reliability engineering


Large-scale systems like power grids, chemical processing, nuclear power,
traffic control or air and space travel have been around for quite some time.
Most of these are still larger than what we manage, but we are catching up.
Modern deployment methods and better schedulers allow for more scalability,

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put the valves on ground floor
in shielded rooms
FlorianHeigl /
Last active Jan 30, 2018
containment venting during blackout
  • put the valves on ground floor
  • make a shielded compartment around the valves
  • some chance of survival, valves can be openend