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Last active January 3, 2022 12:54
A summary of Frans-Lukas summer of code at Kiwix 2020.

Frans-Lukas Google summer of code 2020

My initial goal for this summer was to create a style guide and refactor the user interface of the Kiwix Android application. This goal, and more, is also what I have achieved. To start with, my mentor and I discussed how the user interface should be refactored, and came to the conclusion that the in-app navigation is what needed to change. This navigation refactor was designed, discussed and planned. The style guide was also discussed, and incrementally written as a markdown linked in the GitHub contribution guide [2].

The navigation refactor consisted of moving common activities/destinations to a bottom navigation bar instead of being hidden in different menus across the application. This also included bringing a new library/module to the project, the navigation component [7]. This component allows for easier implementati

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