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Frikish / SwipeRefreshLayout and
Last active February 23, 2017 08:57
SwipeRefreshLayout with StickyListHeaders
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Trying to find a solution

I had a problem getting the new fancy SwipeRefreshLayout from the appcompat lib to work with a custom listview, in this case the StickyListHeaders. Since the First child of the SwipeRefreshLayout should be either a ScrollView or a pure List, some workaround had to be done.

Frikish / HTMLColors.swift
Created November 6, 2015 09:33
HTML Color Names easy in a Swift File
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import Foundation
public struct HTMLColors {
public static let colors: [String : String] = [
"aliceblue" : "#f0f8ff",
"antiquewhite" : "#faebd7",
"aqua" : "#00ffff",
"aquamarine" : "#7fffd4",
"azure" : "#f0ffff",
"beige" : "#f5f5dc",