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Galaxy-Coding / Rickroll
Last active August 28, 2021 08:38
Rickroll Prevention


Made by galaxy#4815

This bot will instantly remove all rickrolls. Sounds simple, right? Are you worried that the bot will be bypassed? That isn't a problem as well. The bot supports redirects and over 50 links! Watch the bot demo

How it works

When you send a rickroll, the bot automatically checks all links. Every link is checked if it redirects to a rickroll. If it redirects to a rickroll, the message will be deleted. Then, the person who sent the rickroll will receive a DM from the bot, including when and where the rickroll was recieved. The bot can't moderate rickrolls in channels that it doesn't have permissions to delete messages in. Therefore, if you don't want the bot to delete messages in rules, just deny the bot's pemission to manage messages in that channel. The bot will also log the attempted rickroll in