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Working from home

Jeremie Ges GesJeremie

Working from home
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spacer5<div class="spacer5"></div>
spacer10<div class="spacer10"></div>
spacer15<div class="spacer15"></div>
spacer20<div class="spacer20"></div>
spacer25<div class="spacer25"></div>
spacer30<div class="spacer30"></div>
spacer35<div class="spacer35"></div>
spacer40<div class="spacer40"></div>
spacer45<div class="spacer45"></div>
spacer50<div class="spacer50"></div>
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<div class="circle-title">1</div>
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<div class="square-title">5</div>
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<div class="w10">.w10</div>
<div class="w20">.w20</div>
<div class="w30">.w30</div>
<div class="w40">.w40</div>
<div class="w50">.w50</div>
<div class="w60">.w60</div>
<div class="w70">.w70</div>
<div class="w80">.w80</div>
<div class="w90">.w90</div>
<div class="w100">.w100</div>
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<div class="pushleft">A gauche</div>
<div class="pushright">A droite !</div>
<!-- Reset float -->
<div class="clearfix"></div>
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<div class="gap">Tu peux espacer un peu le tout ? Merci.</div>
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<div class="rightgap">Ajoute un peu de marge à droite</div>
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<p class="text-center">Centré</p>
<p class="text-left">A gauche</p>
<p class="text-right">A droite</p>
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<a href="#" class="button green-button">Hello :)</a>
<a href="#" class="button green-button right-radius">Hello right radius !</a>
<a href="#" class="button green-button left-radius">Hello left radius !</a>
<a href="#" class="button dark-green-button">Exemple</a>
<a href="#" class="button white-button">Robot</a>
<a href="#" class="button white-grey-button">Autre exemple</a>
<a href="#" class="button grey-button">Le paradis des licornes !</a>
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<a href="#" class="underlined-link">Lien sous ligné</a>