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# Shell Script
# Installs specified nginx version with google SPDY patch
# Author: Deepak Kumar
# Twitter: @deepak_kumar
# March 2nd, 2013
# Nginx modules included here are as per my need. Feel free modify/add/remove. Cheers!
GopinathMR / _gvimrc
Last active January 16, 2024 12:29
GVim config file (for both Windows and Unix)
" Gopi's _gvimrc file
" This file has been modified to make it work on both Windows and Linux
" Github gist location :
" If you find any issues or add any enhancements, please submit revised version as gist
" 1. OS specific
if ($OS == 'Windows_NT')
" Windows specific settings
mwbrooks / projectAppDelegate.m
Created February 15, 2011 18:43
ON PhoneGap-iOS, open external links in the external browser (
* Note: the following function should already exist in your application delegate file.
* Replace it with the following implementation.
* Thanks to @purplecabbage for implementation.
* Thanks to Ruddiger for the iFrame patch.
// ...