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GrahamC of Borg GrahamcOfBorg

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kalbasit: tfk8s, tfk8s, tfk8s, tfk8s
superherointj: tfk8s, tfk8s, tfk8s, tfk8s
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x86_64-linux tfk8s
x86_64-darwin tfk8s
i686-linux tfk8s
aarch64-linux tfk8s
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x86_64-linux vscode-extensions.b4dm4n.vscode-nixpkgs-fmt
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x86_64-linux vscode-extensions.timonwong.shellcheck
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andrewchambers: janet, janet, janet, janet
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aarch64-linux janet
x86_64-linux janet
i686-linux janet
x86_64-darwin janet
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edolstra: gnutls, gnutls, gnutls, gnutls
fpletz: gnutls, gnutls, gnutls, gnutls
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x86_64-linux libsForQt5.kbounce
aarch64-linux libsForQt514.kdiamond
x86_64-linux ibus-engines.kkc
x86_64-linux xylib
i686-linux brook
x86_64-linux xfce.gtksourceview
aarch64-linux terraform-providers.clc
x86_64-linux megapixels
i686-linux bottles