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Write Ember.js App With Middleman

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I. Create a Middleman project with middleman-ember-template

$ middleman init hello --template=ember

II. Install ember.js package

$ bower install ember
$ symlink/copy necessary javascript files from 'components/' into 'vendor/javascripts/'

III. Add handlebars support

$ edit Gemfile

  gem "sprockets-handlebars_template", :require => "sprockets/ember_handlebars_template"

IV. Write the app and build it.

$ middleman build
> the static site is now at 'build/' directory

You can find a live example at here

Server side app only need provide APIs, and you can find many projects like rails-api, sinatra, or backend written in Ruby, Python, Go, ...

Other build solutions: ember-rails, rake-pipeline

A list of sites build by ember.js with source code


Update: As Ember.js evolves, Ember App Kit is a better choice now.

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