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Docs about Blizztrack Bot

Blizztrack Discord Bot

Add Blizztrack Bot to your server!

With this Link

Set up

  1. We recommend you to create a unique channel for the bot and make him the only one who can send message in that channel.
  2. IMPORTANT: Let him read message ONLY on this channel to avoid people to troll
  3. Set your preference doing bt! sub gamecode in the unique channel. If you don't know all gamecode, read below.
  4. Let the magic happen! The bot will now send message each time there's a new update & patch notes.


All Commands must be done in the channel you want Blizztrack Bot to send message/unsubscribe

E.g bt! sub "overwatch" in #announcement will make him send message in that channel every new update and patch notes.

E.g 2 bt! unsub "overwatch" made in #announcement will unsub #announcement to get updates about Overwatch

Commands What it does
bt! "help" Display this
bt! sub "game" Subscribe to a game (can be all) (Double quotes are needed)
bt! unsub "game" Unsubscribe to a game (Double quotes are needed)
bt! notes "game" Show patch notes for a game (Double quotes are needed)
bt! current "game" Show current version/build information for a game (Double quotes are needed)
bt! config announcement (enable or disable) Enable or disableBlizztrack's Announcement to current channel
bt! config editednotes (enable or disable) Enable or disable notification for when patch notes are edited after being published (could be a spelling error fix)
bt! ow general "battle#tag" "region" Get general statistic for a Overwatch Player (Double quotes are needed around battletag)
bt! lang language_prefix Change the language Blizztrack will post messages (coming back soon)


Blizzard App Agent
Blizzard App
Diablo III
Diablo 3 China
Diablo III PTR
Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm Professional
Heroes of the Storm PTR
Overwatch Professional
Overwatch Developer
Overwatch PTR
StarCraft Remastered
StarCraft II
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft Beta
World of Warcraft PTR
Game List Catalog
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Alpha
StarCraft Remastered Alpha
StarCraft Remastered PTR
Warcraft III
Warcraft III PTR

OW Regions


Language Available and prefixes

Currently not available, it will be back soon ™️

Language Prefix
English en
French (Français) fr
Italian (Italiano) it
Spanish (Español) es


My server has just gotten 4 alerts for the same update, because it released separately in different regions. Any way to set it up so that only notifications for a specified region go through?


Haskaalo commented May 12, 2017

@JukeBoxHeroTP Hi there, at the moment it's on the Todo list but there are no real way to do this since there are already a lot of people signed up. If I ever release the update, Thousand of people would need to update their server with their region they want.

@Haskaalo I'm not sure if this is possible, but just as a suggestion, maybe when you release the update have it default to all regions of the games they are currently subscribed to, and send a message informing the administrators of the change.

Are the examples in "Setup" and "Commands" incorrect? They use btsub! instead of bt! sub


Haskaalo commented Aug 2, 2017

@Argos1024 , It's bt! sub. I changed it a while ago.

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