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with builtins;
div = x: y: if y / x * x == y then true else false;
divany = L: x:
if (length L) == 0 then
else if (div (head L) x) then
(divany (tail L) x);
HeinrichHartmann /
Created October 8, 2021 18:02
Provision OSX Machine
HeinrichHartmann /
Created May 5, 2021 07:16
Pull issues into local text files via GH CLI
#!/usr/bin/env python
gh-issue-fetch [-R <repository url>] [-d <output directory>]
Fetch all issues from a GH repository into local text files.
By default issues are placed in ./issues/*, this can be
changed by using the -d flag.
HeinrichHartmann / Makefile
Last active April 30, 2021 07:00
Search Sum Exercise in x86-Assembly
main: main.c lib.asm
nasm -f elf64 -o lib.o lib.asm
gcc -o main main.c lib.o
run: main
HeinrichHartmann /
Created December 29, 2020 20:05
CSV to VCard Converer for Monica CRM
import pandas as pd
import vobject
df = pd.read_csv("contacts.csv", index_col="Id")
for row in df.iterrows():
rec = row[1].to_dict()
for k,v in rec.items():
if v == "-":
rec[k] = None

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HeinrichHartmann /
Created July 26, 2018 18:50
Python IRONdb/Snowth Bindings
# This is a Python wrapper for the Snowth/IRONdb API I wrote
# for personal use in 2014. Use at your own risk.
import logging
log = logging.getLogger()
if __name__ == "__main__": log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
else: log.setLevel(logging.WARN)
import requests
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HeinrichHartmann / ignite.el
Last active May 2, 2018 19:18
emacs functions to simulate ignite talks
(defun ignite-start ()
"Auto advaince slides"
(set 'ignite-interval 15)
(set 'ignite-t ignite-interval)
(message (format "Go! (%d sec)" ignite-interval))
(run-at-time 0 1 (lambda ()
(if (<= ignite-t 0)
HeinrichHartmann / lua_examples.c
Created April 19, 2018 09:20
Lua C API Examples
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <lua.h>
#include <lauxlib.h>
#include <lualib.h>
// Helper function to print the stack contents
// Values other than numbers and strings are printed as "(null)"
void print_stack(lua_State *L, char* title){
int nargs = lua_gettop(L);