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Hendekagon / gist:2957594
Created Jun 20, 2012
lamina.core.graph.propagator: error in aleph.http.core/expand-writes
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lamina.core.graph.propagator: error in aleph.http.core/expand-writes
at clojure.lang.RT.intCast(
at aleph.http.core$ring_map__GT_netty_response.invoke(core.clj:341)
at aleph.http.core$expand_writes$fn__822.invoke(core.clj:177)
at lamina.core.graph.propagator$bridge_join$fn__2582.invoke(propagator.clj:162)
at lamina.core.graph.propagator.BridgePropagator.propagate(propagator.clj:57)
at lamina.core.graph.node.Node.propagate(node.clj:273)
at lamina.core$enqueue.invoke(core.clj:101)
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(defplan start-server []
(remote-file/remote-file "server-1.0-standalone.jar" :local-file "/Users/me/server/target/server-1.0-standalone.jar")
(upstart/job "start-server" {:respawn true :exec "java -jar /var/lib/pallet/admin-home/onto/server-1.0-standalone.jar"}
{:instance-id "my-server"})
(defn start-instances []
(pallet.core/group-spec "g0"
:extends [(pallet.crate.nginx/nginx (http-server-config))]
Hendekagon / gist:0369f5a0c5128159fc23
Created Jul 17, 2015
"composition" of multimethods in Clojure
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(defmulti qwe (fn [{:keys [a b c]}] [a b c]))
(defmethod qwe :default [m] m)
(defmethod qwe [1 2 3] [m] (zipmap (keys m) (map str (vals m))))
(defmethod qwe ["1" "2" "3"] [m] (zipmap (keys m) (map (partial str "x") (vals m))))
(defmethod qwe ["x1" "x2" "x3"] [m] {:x 3 :y 2 :z [1 0]})
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(defn tranz
Return the given matrix mat transposed such that the dimension at index i
is the first or last (f) dimension.
e.g. if m is a matrix with shape [2 3 4 5], then (tranz m 2 last) has shape [5 2 3 4]
Don't like this, there must be a better way.
[mat i f]
Hendekagon / rest
Created Jan 29, 2016
From REST to CQRS with Clojure, Kafka, & Datomic - Bobby Calderwood
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thank you Alex and thank you
Elgin land and ever more complex and involved for a great love about this
this is my first bug big speak at the conference event I've done like little
you know I'm sessions and meet ups and stuff in the past and I have conjured
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:id "dev"
:source-map true
:source-map-timestamp true
:source-map-path "public/js"
:output-to "public/js/main.js"
:output-dir "public/js"
:asset-path "js"
:foreign-libs [
{:file ""
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(defmacro explanatory-cond->
"Adapted from Clojure's cond-> macro to keep a list of conditions and results"
[expr & clauses]
(assert (even? (count clauses)))
(let [g (gensym)
(fn [[test step]]
`(if ~test
[(-> (if (vector? (first ~g)) (ffirst ~g) (first ~g)) ~step)
(cons [(quote ~test) (quote ~step) (first ~g)] (second ~g))]
Hendekagon / cheese-hat
Last active May 23, 2016
Add a jaunty cheese-hat to any div
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div::before {
width: 3em;
top: -2.6em;
height: 3em;
transform-origin: 50% 50%;
transform: rotate(-29deg);
position: relative;
z-index: 10000000;
margin-bottom: -3em;
content: url("data:image/svg+xml;utf8,<svg height='100%' viewBox='-8 -8 16 16' width='100%' xmlns=''><g><rect fill='white' height='5' stroke-width='0.25' stroke='black' transform='rotate(45) translate(8,8)' width='5' x='-10.5' y='-10.5'></rect><rect fill='white' height='5' stroke-width='0.25' stroke='black' width='15' x='-7.5' y='0'></rect><text font-family='monospace' font-size='2.5' x='-5' y='3.25'>CHEESE</text></g></svg>");
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(defn lca
"Last common ancestor"
[db name1 name2]
(d/q '[
:find [(pull ?anc [:db/id :name]) ...]
:in $ % ?name1 ?name2
(?node1 :name ?name1)
(?node2 :name ?name2)
(anc ?anc1 ?node1)
Hendekagon / gist:bcbdbd2edc841b4c326d7060683897ac
Last active Aug 6, 2016
Clojure arity vs map destructure cost
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(require '[criterium.core :as crit])
=> nil
(defn Q ([x y z] [x y z]) ([{:keys [x y z]}] [x y z]))
=> #'repl/Q
(crit/quick-bench (Q 4 5 6))
Evaluation count : 43141050 in 6 samples of 7190175 calls.
Execution time mean : 12.030810 ns
Execution time std-deviation : 0.313706 ns
Execution time lower quantile : 11.631011 ns ( 2.5%)
Execution time upper quantile : 12.336856 ns (97.5%)
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