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Last active Aug 29, 2017
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Readium Hypothesis Setup

Readium viewer

Dev install

  1. To fetch everything you start off with a recursive clone command:
    • git clone --recursive -b develop
  2. Update the submodules
    • cd readium-js-viewer
    • git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Sometimes the submodule references get slightly out of sync so to ensure you are at the latest develop branch in all submodules you can run this:
    • git checkout develop && git submodule foreach --recursive "git checkout develop"
  4. Run npm run prepare:all or yarn run prepare:yarn:all
    • This will run some preparation scripts, may take a few mins
  5. Build once so the plugins get registered
    • npm run build
  6. Launch the dev server which will open your browser with the dev Readium instance
    • npm run http
  7. Or open this link in your preferred browser instead:
  8. Launch a book from the library view, for example the first book
    • You can now use Readium and the Hypothesis sidebar should appear. It's loaded by default on develop now.


  1. Run the deployment build script
    • npm run dist
  2. Deploy the contents of ./dist/cloud-reader along with ./epub_content as a sub-directory to your web server.
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