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Last active March 23, 2023 11:00
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Name Allocation Address
Sigma Prime 33.49% 0x25c4a76E7d118705e7Ea2e9b7d8C59930d8aCD3b
Prysmatic 20.69% 0x9B984D5a03980D8dc0a24506c968465424c81DbE
Danny Ryan 8.43% 0xEFE20b5e1ec4FeA7F0EEca974eD75aB328B45ca7
Nimbus 5.91% 0x70E47C843E0F6ab0991A3189c28F2957eb6d3842
Chainsafe 5.91% 0x0C60C6ab49DC7A0EC91B6Bc856B753aFA072b375
Protolambda 5.27% 0xb21c33DE1FAb3FA15499c62B59fe0cC3250020d1
Researcher 4.22% 0xB12d314ef27F7e7B928C9d6c715aCfe7613D18ac
Researcher 3.69% 0x7e43574f04190521f86f4255dC93d609AeE17AFD
Researcher 3.43% 0x94f3cdfc19763b3ad3b31925643174423c773a5f
Researcher 1.84% 0xf966604b2647514912BEfC3aF725b8e4C3D08774
Researcher 1.58% 0x8D6caaC1E75d8Ad3341E9eb5984C677a811540Ed
Researcher 1.58% 0xf5441a1b900a1D93e4c06CB9c3fDbA39F01469f0
Researcher 1.05% 0x78e9b1B63E9451F78d24220fdf7A2A16565D2d02
Researcher 1.05% 0x8A00dEe4195978bF330b5e4bA504deE48Fc0A2d2
Researcher 1.05% 0x1D9e8279305677b5fb0deDEAb3060873DE4d43B4
Researcher 0.79% 0xB4Fa08c48B180FC944EfBB3dbA6d501338a74EA1
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