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John Bunka JohnBunka

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JohnBunka / wpconfig.php
Last active Jul 21, 2016
Relocate and update WordPress site URLs / Great when moving a site and updating the links
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//* Update the URL for the site
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//* Do NOT include the opening php tag shown above. Copy the code shown below.
//* Incoude this in Genesis imple edits or in your functions.php file or in a functionaility plugin.
//* Customize the post info function
add_filter( 'genesis_post_info', 'sp_post_info_filter' );
function sp_post_info_filter($post_info) {
if ( !is_page() ) {
$post_info = '[post_date] by [post_author_posts_link] [post_comments] [post_edit]';
return $post_info;
View single-portfolio.php
// Do NOT include the opening php tag above
add_action( 'genesis_entry_content', 'jmw_add_envira_gallery_after_content', 15 );
* Add the gallery after the end of the content
function jmw_add_envira_gallery_after_content() {
$gallery = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'gallery' ); // 'gallery' is name of my ACF gallery field
JohnBunka / functions.php
Created Nov 13, 2015
How to Add Font Awesome Icons to Your WordPress Menu without a plugin
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//* Make Font Awesome available
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_font_awesome' );
function enqueue_font_awesome() {
wp_enqueue_style( 'font-awesome', '//' );
JohnBunka / mobilemenu-old.php
Last active Sep 16, 2015
Adding the word ‘Menu’ next to the Hamburger icon in Caroline WordPress University Theme
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$('.menu-primary').before('<button class="menu-toggle" role="button" aria-pressed="false"></button>'); // Add toggles to menus
View font-awesome-example-animated-icons.html
<i class="fa fa-spinner fa-spin"></i>
<i class="fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin"></i>
<i class="fa fa-refresh fa-spin"></i>
<i class="fa fa-cog fa-spin"></i>
<i class="fa fa-spinner fa-pulse"></i>
View font-awesome-example-bordered-pulled-icons.html
<i class="fa fa-quote-left fa-3x fa-pull-left fa-border"></i>
...tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...
And then one fine morning— So we beat on, boats against the
current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
View font-awesome-example-list-icons.html
<ul class="fa-ul">
<li><i class="fa-li fa fa-check-square"></i>List icons</li>
<li><i class="fa-li fa fa-check-square"></i>can be used</li>
<li><i class="fa-li fa fa-spinner fa-spin"></i>as bullets</li>
<li><i class="fa-li fa fa-square"></i>in lists</li>
View font-awesome-example-fixed-width-icons.html
<div class="list-group">
<a class="list-group-item" href="#"><i class="fa fa-home fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; Home</a>
<a class="list-group-item" href="#"><i class="fa fa-book fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; Library</a>
<a class="list-group-item" href="#"><i class="fa fa-pencil fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; Applications</a>
<a class="list-group-item" href="#"><i class="fa fa-cog fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; Settings</a>
View font-awesome-example-larger-icons.html
<i class="fa fa-camera-retro fa-lg"></i> fa-lg
<i class="fa fa-camera-retro fa-2x"></i> fa-2x
<i class="fa fa-camera-retro fa-3x"></i> fa-3x
<i class="fa fa-camera-retro fa-4x"></i> fa-4x
<i class="fa fa-camera-retro fa-5x"></i> fa-5x