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John Murray JohnMurray

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JohnMurray / .travis.yml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Code snippets for scala-project blog post on
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language: scala
- 2.10.3
- sbt compile test:compile
- sbt scalastyle
- sbt test
- oraclejdk7
- openjdk7
JohnMurray / set.scala
Created Oct 28, 2014
Extract from BuiltinCommands object in SBT
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def set = Command(SetCommand, setBrief, setDetailed)(setParser) {
case (s, (all, arg)) =>
val extracted = Project extract s
import extracted._
val dslVals = extracted.currentUnit.unit.definitions.dslDefinitions
// TODO - This is possibly inefficient (or stupid). We should try to only attach the
// classloader + imports NEEDED to compile the set command, rather than
// just ALL of them.
val ims = (imports(extracted) ++ => (i, -1)))
val cl = dslVals.classloader(currentLoader)
JohnMurray / load-keyboard
Created Feb 20, 2012
Enable Mac OS X Keyboard (built-in only)
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# Load the keyboard back. (Should probably do this
# while the external one is still attached.)
sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext/
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package trees
object Main extends App {
trait Node
case class InnerTreeNode ( left:Node, right:Node, value:Int ) extends Node
case object StopNode extends Node
def leaf(x: Int): Node = InnerTreeNode(StopNode, StopNode, x)
JohnMurray / repetitive_pry_session.rb
Created May 31, 2012
An example of what a repetitive Pry session _might_ look like
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require 'bundler/setup'
bundler.require(:development, :test, :console)
$: << File.expand_path('../src', __FILE__)
require 'app'
require 'models/user_account'
require 'models/car'
# Load config and connect to DB
JohnMurray / console.rb
Created May 31, 2012
An example console from my geofence-server-example project
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# require all the necessary files
$: << ::File.expand_path('../src', __FILE__)
require 'app'
require 'geofence'
# at this point bundler should be setup and the :development group
# should have been included. However, just to be sure, I'm going to
# include bundler again and require the console group.
JohnMurray / Dictionary.ToJson.cs
Created Jun 1, 2012
Code descriptions for log-entry on API Anti-Patterns (
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public static class IDictionaryExtension
public static JsonDictionary<K, V> ToJsonDictionary<K,V>(this IDictionary<K, V> dict)
if (dict == null)
return null;
var jsonDict = new JsonDictionary<K, V>();
foreach (var key in dict.Keys)
jsonDict[key] = dict[key];
JohnMurray / CheckResponse.cs
Created Jun 4, 2012
Code descriptions for log-entry on API Anti-Patterns (
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HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
var statusCode = response.StatusCode;
return statusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK;
JohnMurray /
Created Jun 12, 2012
A getting started guide to making requests to my sample geofence-server

John Murray's Sample Geofence Server

Hey, you ran the project! Good for you! You're probably wondering how the heck to use this thing. Well, keep reading and maybe you'll find out.


  1. Install and run Mongo (on default port w/o a password)
  2. Install Gemset with Bundler
  3. Get the server running. (Hey look! You're ahead of the game!)

That's it... keep reading.

JohnMurray / ex.sql
Created Jul 5, 2012
Link Multi-Where
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select *
from (
select *
from carModels as t1,
carMakes as t2
where t1.somePKId = t2.someFKId
and (
t1.Name like '%c%'
or t2.Name like '%c%'