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IRC tutorial for


This gist aims to be a small tutorial about how you can connect and use the Hahota IRC server.

First of all, you might ask yourself the question:

What is IRC?

Think of it as a self hosted chat server, which doesn't depend on any 3rd parties. It's independent, self moderated, and privacy respecting. Custom and always on clients, bouncers are allowed.

How do I connect?

  1. Please download an IRC client. A great list of them can be found here.

  2. Add HahotaIRC as a server to your client;

  • Address/Host:
  • Port: 6697 (TLS on)
  • Username/Nickname: The nickname, which will identify you. Warning: Your nickname will be your name.
  1. Hit connect. Upon connecting you'll see the MOTD, however you won't be able to connect to any channels yet, unless you are registeted, and logged in.

  2. Register an account for yourself:

  • /msg nickserv register password (Make sure to replace password with your preferred password.)

From this point, this username will be yours, and can't be registered by anyone else. Make sure to remeber the the password; We aren't able to recover IRC accounts, therefore if you lose your password, you lose your account.

Log in:

On HahotaIRC your username equals your nickaneme. Because of this;

In this mode, it is very important that end users authenticate to their accounts as part of the initial IRC handshake (traditionally referred to as "connection registration"); otherwise they will not be able to use their registered nicknames. The preferred mechanism for this is SASL, which is supported by most modern clients. As a fallback, this can also be done via the PASS (server password) command; set the "server password" field of the client to AzureDiamond:hunter2, where AzureDiamond is the account name and hunter2 is the account password.

As an end user, if you want to change your nickname, you can register a new account and transfer any channel ownerships to it using /msg ChanServ transfer.

From the ERGO manual.


The list of channels can be found in the MOTD. At this current time, it is not possible to create your own channel(s). If you wish to create a channel, please send a message to #irc.

Connect to any channel:

  • /join #channelname

Enjoy, and happy chatting! 😀

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