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LightTemplar /
Created February 27, 2022 17:42 — forked from 0xjac/
Create a private fork of a public repository

The repository for the assignment is public and Github does not allow the creation of private forks for public repositories.

The correct way of creating a private frok by duplicating the repo is documented here.

For this assignment the commands are:

  1. Create a bare clone of the repository. (This is temporary and will be removed so just do it wherever.)

git clone --bare

LightTemplar / opcache.ini
Created June 4, 2022 20:09 — forked from rohankhudedev/opcache.ini
Best Zend OpCache Settings / Tuning / Configurations
; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled
; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled for the CLI version of PHP
; The OPcache shared memory storage size.