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Last active Nov 30, 2018

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Really simple Web Scraping Python Script for the first Tweets of Donald Trump using Requests, and lxml
# coding: utf-8
import requests
from lxml import html
def extract():
Export all Tweets from @realDonaldTrump
# initialisation
r = requests.session()
# collecte du code source
response = r.get(url='')
# parsing de la page
page = html.fromstring(response.text)
tweets = page.xpath("//li[contains(@class, 'js-stream-item stream-item stream-item')]")
for tweet in tweets:
text = tweet.xpath(".//p[contains(@class, 'TweetTextSize TweetTextSize--normal js-tweet-text tweet-text')]/text()")
date = tweet.xpath(".//small[@class='time']/a/@title")
if text:
print('En date du: {}'.format(date[0]))
print('Texte: {}'.format(text[0]))
# on lance la fonction
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