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Lucodivo / ObliqueProjectionMatrix.cpp
Created July 31, 2021 23:23
Oblique Projection Matrix for Portals
* // NOTE: Oblique View Frustum Depth Projection and Clipping by Eric Lengyel (Terathon Software)
* Arguments:
* mat4 perspectiveMat: Perspective matrix that is being used for the rest of the scene
* vec3 planeNormal_viewSpace: Plane normal in view space. MUST be normalized. This is a normal that points INTO the frustum, NOT one that is generally pointing towards the camera.
* vec3 planePos_viewSpace: Any position on the plane in view space.
mat4 obliquePerspective(const mat4& perspectiveMat, vec3 planeNormal_viewSpace, vec3 planePos_viewSpace, f32 far) {
mat4 persp = perspectiveMat;