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What would you like to do?
So you want to contribute to Vyxal, hey? Well, that's very poggers of you. Just make sure you follow the suggestion process outlined here so that your ideas can be handled in an organised way.
## Bug Fixes
Bug fixes are very much welcome - they help increase the stability of Vyxal. There's three ways to bring bugs to our attention: github issues, chat requests and pull requests.
### Github Issues
Github issues can be raised [here]( If you decide to use this option, use the following template:
## Description
Describe the problem here
## Examples
Program(s) that demonstrate the error/bug/issue. Links to the Online interpreter are encouraged here.
## Expected Results
What you expect should be happening instead. These won't have any links to the online interpreter. For example:
Program || expected result
## Extra Information
This section is optional, and should contain any additional information you deem relevant
### Chat Requests
If Github isn't something you prefer, you can also submit bugs to [the Vyxal chatroom]( If you submit issues here, use the following template:
**Bug Submission**: Description. [`Program(s) demonstrating the problem`](link to online interpreter). Expected results: `program` -> `result`
Note that you need at least 20 stack exchange reputation to talk in the Vyxal chatroom. Also, the markdown supported in the room is limited (for example, backticks in programs need to be escaped using a backslash). If you accidentally misformat the request, don't stress - we'll ask if we need extra clarifications.
### Pull Requests
If you feel confident enough, another way you can address bugs is by fixing them yourself. This option is only recommended if you a) have experience with Python and b) have read and understood the Vyxal source code.
If you are opening a pull request, use the same template as you would an issue, with an explanation of what you've changed in the source code.
## Vyxal Enhancement Proposals (VEPs)
These are for language feature requests/ideas for language improvement.
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