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Created Oct 5, 2021
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Prompt: "Why is Lyxal so Lyxal?
After being spawned by interspacial imps, the Lyxal have been raiding civilization on and off since the dawn of time. A few hundred years ago Lyxal were even a major player in human culture, by far the most populous species that inhabited most of Earth. Some of their writing and art is still visible in many places, and they had plenty of technology at their disposal before they began to go extinct. Scientists are still trying to determine why Lyxal went extinct (perhaps climate change or over-hunting) but some think that it may be related to them being too successful or too dangerous for the humans to successfully keep them in check.
Do the Lyxal have moms?
Lyxal are hatched from eggs, but there is no other information available about how they reproduce.
Where do Lyxal come from?
Lyxal are native to the "multiverse" (a.k.a. "all universes"). Lyxal can travel to other universes, but they can't live there.
Do Lyxal have pants?
Lyxal wear pants if they want to. Pants are considered a human invention, and not to be trusted.
Are Lyxal immortal?
Lyxal do not die of old age. They can be killed by any means, but they will respawn in a new body, or "Lyxalform" if they die in a different universe.
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