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Mehdi B MBlagui

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View demo_create_azure.yml
- hosts: localhost
connection: local
- name: create ressource group
name: testing
location: westus
View demo_destroy_azure.yml
- hosts: localhost
connection: local
- name: Remove virtual network // remove
resource_group: Testing
name: testvn001
View openshift logs
-- Starting profile 'minishift'
Found binary path at D:\server\bin\minishift.exe
Launching plugin server for driver virtualbox
Plugin server listening at address
() Calling .GetVersion
Using API Version 1
() Calling .SetConfigRaw
() Calling .GetMachineName
(minishift) Calling .GetState
(minishift) DBG | COMMAND: C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe showvminfo minishift --machinereadable
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