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Mandi Grant MJGrant

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group: auto_dealer_schema
Model = {
model_id:number, model_name:string, first_production_year:string
5,'Boss 302 Mustang','1969'
MJGrant / parsely.js
Created Dec 17, 2018
node js project that builds static data files for my Godot project
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/* Parsely v.0.1
Developed for Guild Leader project (December 2018)
To use: place .json files in parsely/names, parsely/staticData, parsely/timedNodeData, etc.
In Terminal:
node parsely.js
Exported .gd files are placed directly in gameData folder.
MJGrant /
Created Dec 17, 2018
Create a hero and add it to the scene
#the new hero is the last thing in the roster, so grab it out of the back
var lastIndex = global.guildRoster.size() - 1
global.selectedHero = global.guildRoster[lastIndex]
var heroScene = preload("res://hero.tscn").instance()
heroScene.set_position(Vector2(240, 80)) #screen is 540 wide
heroScene.set_display_params(false, true) #walking enabled?, show name
MJGrant /
Created Dec 17, 2018
Godot project hero generator code copied 12/16/2018
extends Node
#makes a level 1 hero with random class and name
var nameGenerator = load("res://").new()
var humanFemaleHeads = ["human_female_01.png", "human_female_02.png", "human_female_03.png", "human_female_04.png", "human_female_05.png", "human_female_06.png", "human_female_07.png", "human_female_08.png", "human_female_09.png", "human_female_10.png", "human_female_11.png"]
var humanMaleHeads = ["human_male_01.png", "human_male_02.png", "human_male_03.png", "human_male_04.png", "human_male_05.png", "human_male_06.png", "human_male_07.png", "human_male_08.png", "human_male_08.png", "human_male_09.png"]
var elfFemaleHeads = ["elf_female_01.png"]
func _ready():
extends KinematicBody2D
#Hero properties - not governed by external spreadsheet data
#These are set when a hero is randomly generated in
var heroID = -1
var heroName = "Default Name"
var heroClass = "NONE"
var level = -1
var xp = -1
var currentRoom = 0 #outside by default
MJGrant /
Created Dec 17, 2018 copied from godot project for the sake of example 12/16/2018
extends ""
#todo: globalize these
var mainRoomMinX = 110
var mainRoomMaxX = 360
var mainRoomMinY = 250
var mainRoomMaxY = 410
var outsideMinX = 150
MJGrant / items.json
Created Jul 31, 2018
Export of Items data as a JSON from Google Sheets for use in GameMaker Studio 2
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"name": "Rusty Broadsword",
"prestige": 0,
"slot": "mainHand",
"rarity": "common",
"classRestriction": "warrior",
"noDrop": false,
"hpRaw": 0,
"manaRaw": 0,
View SDG 2017 css customizations
.pros-cons-table {
.pros-cons-table tbody tr td {
border: 2px solid white;
.pros-cons-header {
width: 50%;
MJGrant / course-explorer-mock-data.json
Created Dec 20, 2017
View course-explorer-mock-data.json
"fullName":"CS 123 - Introduction to Coding",
"description":"A solid course with a brilliant instructor",
"tip":"Study hard",
"timestamp":"July 2017"
MJGrant / sqlcourse2exercises.txt
Last active Jan 28, 2016
My answers to exercises
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-- Select
SELECT * FROM items_ordered WHERE customerid = 10449;
SELECT * FROM items_ordered WHERE item = 'tent';
SELECT customerid, order_date, item FROM items_ordered WHERE item LIKE '%S';
SELECT DISTINCT item FROM items_ordered;
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