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Team: Sean Breyer (ESRI), Sarah Cordiviano (Azavea), Leo Dillon (State Dept), Martin Gamache (NatGeo), Andrew Hill (CartoDB)
Question 1: "Candidates" - Skills and characteristics, value of hard v soft skills, importance of previous work, process of evaluation - demonstration necessary?
Sean - high value of hard skills, proven work is almost necessary. soft skills still necessary, and used. portfolio is initial window to hiree - even basic coding skills have value as you can converse fluently with teams.
Sarah - some academic background in related fields, but higher value on desire to improve and grow. want you to feel empowered. provide assignment to hiree and watch your design sense and workflow
Leo - design heavily, strong favoring of willingness to take on leadership roles and learn new skills. previous work ex not as crucial. specific examples of how skills are applied the most valued answers
Martin - strong portfolio necessary, source of material varies upon experience. soft skills absolute requ