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OllieJones / wordpress-hooks.php
Last active Mar 16, 2022
Register WordPress Hooks Declaratively
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namespace OllieJones;
use ReflectionClass;
use ReflectionMethod;
* Automatically register WordPress hooks in classes derived from this one.
OllieJones / h264tools.js
Created Feb 4, 2021
h.264: Create an 'avcC' atom from a sequence of NALUs emitted by MediaRecorder
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'use static'
// noinspection JSUnusedLocalSymbols,JSUnusedGlobalSymbols
* Tools for handling H.264 bitstream issues.
* Handle the parsing and creation of "avcC" atoms.
OllieJones / queue.js
Last active Sep 17, 2021
Queue class, super simple, based on Kate Morley's queue code.
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'use strict';
A class to represent a queue
Created by Kate Morley - - and released under the terms
of the CC0 1.0 Universal legal code:
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'use strict';
/*globals ebml */
if ( !window.ebml ) window.ebml = {};
ebml.EbmlDecoder = function EbmlDecoder( options ) {
var schema = {
"80": {
OllieJones / streamPeek.js
Last active Sep 5, 2018
Read useful information from a MP4 data stream
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* this code examines a MP4 data stream.
* it looks at the appropriate atoms to determine width, height, and frame rate.
* It is a sleazy approach, the equivalent of grepping for necessary
* boxes rather than using box lengths to parse the file.
function read32( buff, fourcc, offset ) {
let start = 0;
OllieJones / validateGithubWebhook.js
Created Oct 5, 2017
Github webhooks use a shared secret for validation. The webhook itself contains a header X-Hub-Signature containing a hash of the webhook body. This function checks that hash against the body.
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'use strict';
const crypto = require( 'crypto' );
function validateGithub( secret, signature, rawBody ) {
if( (!signature) || signature.length === 0 ) return false;
if( (!rawBody) || rawBody.length === 0 ) return false;
try {
const splits = signature.split( '=' );
OllieJones / nonce.js
Created Oct 3, 2017
Snippets of Javascript.
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'use strict';
/* node.js nonce: crypto-quality random session key (filename safe base64, rfc4648) */
const btoa = require( 'btoa' );
const crypto = require( 'crypto' );
function nonce( length ) {
const rndLen = 1+(( (length)+(length<<1) +3)>>2);
const randomArray = crypto.randomBytes( rndLen );
OllieJones /
Last active Jul 20, 2016
Detecting a disconnected RDP session in a unix / linux / bsd server.

Here is a way to obtain a list of disconnected xrdp sessions. It relies on the fact that the xrdp server is, in normal X session manager usage, the only client that establishes a TCP connection to the Xvnc X Window System display server. (The other client programs -- the ones doing things for the user -- use UNIX-domain sockets for their display connections).

When an xrdp session is active, the associated Xvnc display server has two TCP connections, one in the ESTABLISHED state, and the other in the LISTEN state. That looks something like this using the lsof(1) program.

$ sudo lsof  -b -w -n -c /^Xvnc$/b -a -iTCP:5900-5999 
Xvnc    1625 guest    1u  IPv4 252910      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)
Xvnc    1625 guest    9u  IPv4 261226      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

If the user of the remote session abandons it by closing the RDP connection (or, in the case of an Apache Guacamole RDP session

OllieJones / DataTableResultSet.cs
Last active Mar 30, 2022
C# code for handling Ajax calls for the client table-rendering plugin.
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/// <summary>
/// Resultset to be JSON stringified and set back to client.
/// </summary>
[SuppressMessage("ReSharper", "InconsistentNaming")]
public class DataTableResultSet
/// <summary>Array of records. Each element of the array is itself an array of columns</summary>
public List<List<string>> data = new List<List<string>>();
View ActivateSigAlgoritms.cs