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Created April 23, 2022 12:05
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application a hook in a class using a method
package jvm.pablohdz.restapidesignpatterns.example.template;
public abstract class BasicEngineering {
public final void completeCourse() {
// the course must be completed in order to pass
// 1. Math
// 2. Soft Skills
// 3. Special Paper
if (isAdditionalPapersNeeded()) {
public abstract void completeSpecialPaper();
private void completeSoftSkills() {
System.out.println("2. Soft Skills");
private void completeMath() {
System.out.println("1. Mathematics");
public void completeAdditionalPapersHook() {
System.out.println("4. Additional Papers are needed for this course.");
* This method act how a hook, all children can be overridden this method
* @return true if additional papers are needed
public boolean isAdditionalPapersNeeded() {
return true;
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