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import asyncio
import discord
from discord.ext import commands
from collections import Counter
class FooCog:
THUMBS_UP = '\U0001ff4d'
THUMBS_DOWN = '\U0001ff4e'
PikalaxALT /
Created May 15, 2018
Test suite for [PikalaxBOT](/pikalaxalt/pikalaxbot)
import unittest
import sqlite3
from utils import sql
from collections import namedtuple
User = namedtuple('User', ['id', 'name'])
Context = namedtuple('Context', ['author'])
me = User(148462033770119168, 'PikalaxALT')
ctx = Context(me)
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PikalaxALT / pokecrystal_rng.txt
Created May 10, 2017
Brief description of how and when the RNG updates in the Pokemon Crystal overworld, with the goal of bringing RNG manipulation to gen 2 speedrunning.
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The RNG update function is as follows:
* The value at 0xFF04 (rDIV) is read and added, with carry, to 0xFFE1 (hRandomAdd); the value is stored back to hRandomAdd.
* The value at rDIV is read again (it may have incremented) and subtracted, with carry, from 0xFFE2 (hRandomSub); the value is stored back to hRandomSub and returned in the accumulator.
Every time the VBlank interrupt toggles, the RNG is called. This happens once every frame.
When you turnframe or step onto a tile that can generate an encounter, the RNG is rolled a number of times for that encounter. This excludes the first 5 steps after loading the current map from a connection, warp, or battle; during this time, no wild encounters may be generated so as to prevent the player from being encounter-locked. Note that encounters are not rolled until the frame your step or turnframe finishes. The pattern is as such:
* Roll RNG and compare it with the modified encounter rate. If the rolled number is greater than the encounter rate, the ro
PikalaxALT /
Created Mar 9, 2017
Script for disassembling Gameboy Z80
import re, sys, argparse, random
TileMap = -1000 # 0xc3a0
AttrMap = -1000 # 0xccd9
z80table = [
# $00
# Implements a beta binomial distribution using the scipy discrete random
# variable API.
# Requires scipy 0.14.0 or newer; recommend scipy 0.15.0 or newer
# Distribution functions unapologetically adapted from Wikipedia
from numpy import exp, floor, ceil, sqrt, r_, maximum, where, sum, zeros, linspace
from numpy.lib.function_base import vectorize
from scipy.stats._distn_infrastructure import rv_discrete, rv_frozen
from scipy.stats import beta, binom
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