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Created Jul 25, 2013

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Limited-length sorted list.
import bisect
import operator
import unittest
class history:
"""Limited-length sorted list."""
def __init__(self, maxlen):
self._maxlen = maxlen
self._list = []
def __repr__(self):
return 'upmonitor.database.history(%r)' % self._heap
def __len__(self):
return len(self._list)
# We do not implement __(get|del)item__ because it would not make sense
def __setitem__(self, timestamp, value):
self._list.insert(bisect.bisect_left(self._list, (timestamp, 0)),
(timestamp, value))
while len(self._list) > self._maxlen:
def __iter__(self):
return map(operator.itemgetter(1), self._list)
def items(self):
return self.__iter__()
def reverseitems(self):
return map(operator.itemgetter(1), reversed(self._list))
class TestHistory(unittest.TestCase):
def testRing(self):
history = history(maxlen=5)
for x in range(1, 10):
history[x*10 + 50] = str(x)
self.assertEqual(len(history), min(5, x), history)
self.assertEqual(len(list(history)), min(5, x), list(history))
def testOrder(self):
list_ = [(5, 'baz'), (3, 'bar'), (9, 'qux'), (1, 'foo'), (10, 'quux')]
history = history()
for (key, value) in list_:
history[key] = value
self.assertEqual(list(history), 'foo bar baz qux quux'.split(' '))
'foo bar baz qux quux'.split(' '))
'quux qux baz bar foo'.split(' '))
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