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You should follow me on Twitter. I won't waste your time. 😉

Quincy Larson QuincyLarson

You should follow me on Twitter. I won't waste your time. 😉
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QuincyLarson / gist:c21fde97e43a27618694f12f3ee9e25a
Created Mar 16, 2018
freeCodeCamp production challenge URLs
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What happens in the UI:
Stack trace:
webpack: Compiled with warnings.
302 GET 35.567 ms - /signin
200 GET 684.704 ms - /en/signin
fcc:user:remote Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
fcc:user:remote at Object._errnoException (util.js:1041:11)
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"published": "1492569622760",
"title": "How I built a Kubernetes cluster so my coworkers could deploy apps faster",
"length": "5 min read",
"url": ""
"published": "1492864206406",
"title": "How to host lightweight apps for free",
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Progress badges
- Finish Get Set for Free Code Camp section
- Finish Basic HTML5 and CSS section
- Finish Responsive Design with Bootstrap section
- Finish jQuery section
- Finish Computer Science section
- Finish Basic JavaScript section
- Finish Basic Algorithm Scripting section
- Finish Object Oriented JavaScript section
- Finish Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section
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# A Guide to Writing freeCodeCamp Guide Articles
The freeCodeCamp community is building a massive, searchable "Guide." This reference tool will eventually include thousands of articles that cover all areas of development, design, and data science - all written to be easily understood by people new to coding.
We welcome your help writing these articles. You don't have to be an expert in a topic to write about it - this entire guide is open source, so even if you make a mistake, another contributor will eventually correct it.
We've written this guide to writing guide articles to help you get started contributing.
**Table of Contents**
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2016 Curriculum Update

Free Code Camp is expanding its challenges to better prepare campers for our project challenges.


Will this still be 1,200 hours of challenges + 800 hours of nonprofit projects?


When will these new challenges go live?

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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am quincylarson on github.
* I am quincylarson ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASBKWfF6omng0p-N-S2IJkGMq0LsWF4ODa41fOLJfW27gQo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
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"content": "Community",
"isDropdown": true,
"links": [
"content": "Chat",
"link": "",
"target": "_blank"
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[Stanford Machine Learning](
[Functional Programming in Scala](
[MIT Analytics Edge](
[Principles of Reactive Programming](
[Stanford Algorithms Part 1](
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Hi Josh,
In order to show up in that statistic you quoted (2,000+ campers you have gotten their first developer job - and it's now 5,000+), campers must first:
1) use Free Code Camp with the intention of getting a developer job
2) stick with coding until they've gotten good enough to apply for jobs
3) go through the dozens of applications and interviews that most first-time developers have to endure before they start getting job offers
4) bother telling us that they've gotten a job after all of that (and most people are too busy telling their friends and family and getting ready for their first day)
Free Code Camp helps people learn to code for free. We have a Medium publication where we publish tons of free articles by campers who now work as developers, such as this one we published a few days ago about improving your portfolio: