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dwendt / pwnie.cpp
Created Jan 18, 2015
pwnadventure (credit to gd / learn_more for copypaste public code mixed in here)
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#include <Windows.h>
#include <Psapi.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string>
#include <stdio.h>
#pragma comment(lib, "psapi.lib")
DWORD GObjects = 0;
DWORD GNames = 0;
class Vector3 {
jhrr / Functional Core, Imperative Shell
Last active Jan 8, 2018
Notes and links for ideas about Gary Bernhardt's "functional core, imperative shell"
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1wErt3r / SMBDIS.ASM
Created Nov 9, 2012
A Comprehensive Super Mario Bros. Disassembly
;by doppelganger (
;This file is provided for your own use as-is. It will require the character rom data
;and an iNES file header to get it to work.
;There are so many people I have to thank for this, that taking all the credit for
;myself would be an unforgivable act of arrogance. Without their help this would
;probably not be possible. So I thank all the peeps in the nesdev scene whose insight into
;the 6502 and the NES helped me learn how it works (you guys know who you are, there's no