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Last active Mar 15, 2019
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Various ways to spread team-wide git-goodness in /etc/gitconfig.ini.Note that this explicitly allows for an additional included system-wide configuration, and is overridden in the usual fashion by the user's "global" ~/.gitconfig and the repository's own .git/config.
; this is... /etc/gitconfig!
; local system-wide changes should be made by editing:
; /etc/gitconfig.local
ui = auto
default = upstream
autosetuprebase = always
autosetupmerge = true
enabled = true
autoupdate = true
stat = true
autostash = true
autosquash = false
algorithm = patience
pretty = fuller
log = true
defaultToUpstream = true
displayRef = refs/notes/*
sslVerify = true
lol = log --graph --decorate --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit
; very useful during merge conflicts and you know that one file wins over the other
ours = checkout --ours --
theirs = checkout --theirs --
; allow for local system-wide config if needed
path = /etc/gitconfig.local
; GistID: 7327544
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