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Last active March 16, 2016 15:25
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YAPC: don'f fear the meta

Don't Fear the Meta: Simple trait programming for fun and profit

Moose. Meta Object Protocols. Traits.

Egads, scary words, right?

...and wtf is a "Meta Object Protocol", anyways, and how do we smoke it?

Fear not, brave reader. Meta-programming is not the thing that goes bump in the night. Here we'll discuss what it is, how we can use it to make our lives easier, and -- even better -- how to make the lives of others using our code easier.

Among other things, here we will discuss:

  • What is a MOP, and why are you saying "Moose" a lot?
  • What MOP's are available when using Moose?
  • Why would we want to modify a metaclass, that is, alter a MOP?
  • What tools do we have to work with metaclasses?


  • How do I do it?
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