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I'm tired.

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I'm tired.
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elif cmd == prefix + 'room':
threading.Thread(target=self.do_room_info, args=(cmd_arg,)).start()
def do_room_info(self, room):
Shows info about a tinychat room.
:param room: str tinychat room.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging
import re
import threading
import pinylib
import util.media_manager
from page import privacy
from apis import youtube, soundcloud, lastfm, other, locals_
__version__ = '6.1.5'
The code below is now redundant as Tinychat now allows all domains to use the login data and is saved in a cookie meaning you no longer need the Autoop or Prohash codes to be mod/pro in a chat room.
if ( != "") {
alert('Collecting required data from Tinychat, Please be patient.');
window.location = "chatroom-url";
} else {
if("autoop") > 0 &&"avatarhash") > 0 &&"account:")) {
var autoop = document.body.innerHTML.substr("autoop")+9,32);
var avatarhash = document.body.innerHTML.substr("avatarhash")+13,32);