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// the solution
// 1. declare the class Number(Int)
// 2. define method Number
// 3. define method Number.dec(): Number
// 4. define getNumber():Int
class Number(val n : Int) { // n cannot be changed!
def inc(): Number = new Number(n + 1)
Ry4an / gist:2051149
Created Mar 16, 2012 connection error
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This has been going on for 10 minutes now:
[eighth] (!) Irssi: Looking up
[eighth] (!) Irssi: Reconnecting to [] port 6697 - use
/RMRECONNS to abort
(!) Irssi: warning SSL write error: Connection reset by peer
[eighth] (!) Irssi: Connection to established
(!) Irssi: warning SSL read error: server closed connection unexpectedly
[eighth] (!) Irssi: Connection lost to
Ry4an / gist:2089965
Created Mar 19, 2012
Share doesn't save time or space vs. local clones
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ry4an@ry4an:~/projects$ time hg clone mercurial mercurial.localclone
updating to branch default
964 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
real 0m5.908s
user 0m5.092s
sys 0m0.392s
ry4an@ry4an:~/projects$ time hg --config extensions.share= share mercurial mercurial.shareupdating working directory
964 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
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THIS_FOLDER=`dirname $0`
# What files have changed
files=`hg log --template="{files}" -r $node`
# Check each
for file in $files; do
Ry4an / .pythonrc
Created Feb 12, 2013
For getting history in python REPL. Mostly cribbed from stackoverflow answers
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import atexit
import os
import re
import readline
import rlcompleter
import socket
import _socket
import sys
import time
Ry4an / gist:4960647
Created Feb 15, 2013
dyanamodb to redshift
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copy table_redshift from 'dynamodb:// table_dynamodb'
credentials 'aws_access_key_id=xxx;aws_secret_access_key=xxx'
readratio 50;
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Name Qty. No. Description Price
Darrel 1. Kid's Burger
One extra slice of cheese
Lettuce; Tomatoes; Pickles
Side Salad
Blue Cheese 6.88
Tim 2. The Elevation Burger
One slice of cheese
Ry4an / irc-rant
Created May 10, 2013
My cranky-day rant about people /msg-ing in work IRC
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People keep /MSG-ing me non-secret things in IRC, so I assume everyone's doing it w/ one another too. Everytime someone /msg-s me I ask them to bring it up in the main channel instead, but that's not getting the message across, so: STOP IT.
The whole point of IRC is that there's huge benefit in everyone overhearing things that they're not currently working on. This is why IRC is 1000x better for a tech group than IM. There's incredible value in making things like "Oh, I did that at my last job, consider looking at X" or "Didn't I see you did something with Y last month?" possible, and all of that gets flushed down the drain when you /msg.
Don't worry about the channel getting too chatty. I'm in some channels w/ 200+ members and it works just fine. Your IRC client will figure it out.
There might be no immediate need for [Alice] to hear [Bob] and I discussing the finer points of dynamo throughput settings, but there's no harm in it and if at the end of the month the bill knocks her socks off she's goin
Ry4an /
Created May 30, 2013
Write to a named pipe (for ii) but don't block forever doing it
# adapted from
case $# in
0) echo "Usage: `basename $0` message..." 1>&2 ;;
echo "$@" > /persistent/dramafever/phenny/irc/
Ry4an / cors-nginx.conf
Last active Nov 5, 2020 — forked from alexjs/cors-nginx.conf
Here' the minimal Access-Control-Allow-Origin header insertion necessary to allow any whitelisted sites to access resources via CORS headers.
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# Minimal CORS config for nginx
# A modification of
# NB: This relies on the use of the 'Origin' HTTP Header.
location /static {
if ($http_origin ~* (whitelist\.address\.one|whitelist\.address\.two)$) {