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Sasni / missing_indexes.sql
Created November 29, 2022 07:44 — forked from jasonmead/missing_indexes.sql
Find missing indexes in SQL Server
PRINT 'Missing Indexes: '
PRINT 'The "improvement_measure" column is an indicator of the (estimated) improvement that might '
PRINT 'be seen if the index was created. This is a unitless number, and has meaning only relative '
PRINT 'the same number for other indexes. The measure is a combination of the avg_total_user_cost, '
PRINT 'avg_user_impact, user_seeks, and user_scans columns in sys.dm_db_missing_index_group_stats.'
PRINT '-- Missing Indexes --'
SELECT CONVERT (varchar, getdate(), 126) AS runtime,
mig.index_group_handle, mid.index_handle,
CONVERT (decimal (28,1), migs.avg_total_user_cost * migs.avg_user_impact * (migs.user_seeks + migs.user_scans)) AS improvement_measure,